Windows 11 Tips & Tricks

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                                                            Windows 11 Tips & Tricks

The top windows 11 tips and tricks with the release of Windows 11. A bunch of new features is available. Here are the top 05 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of windows 11.

                                                                   Multiple Desktops :

Microsoft added multiple desktops to the taskbar in Windows 11. Here you can just click plus to add a new desktop and now each of these desktops can be independently used with the various apps that you install in each one. So let’s say we open up the file explorer and calculator on our second desktop. I can go back to my first desktop and let’s open up a browser.

Now when I click on these multiple desktop options I can see I have desktop 1 and desktop 2 and I can see the apps running in each. If you right-click on any one of these, you can choose to move it to a different desktop or a new one.

You can also right-click and rename these and you can right-click and choose a background for each one of those desktops. If you choose to close one of these desktops all it does is it moves those applications over to the previous desktop on the left. It doesn’t close all those apps and now you can see they’re all back on the desktop.

Number one another nice feature of the multiple desktops is if you’re using a tablet device where you have a touchpad. You can use four fingers to swipe across your touchpad to switch between your different desktops and there are shortcut keys. You can use your desktop to switch between them as well.

                                                                       Personalized :

Start folders, when you click on start all there is down here at the bottom is the power button but you can customize that click on settings. Go to personalization. Click on start and select folders here. You can enable different options that you want to show up on your start menu. Let’s turn on settings file explorer, documents, downloads, and networking. Now when I go to the start I see the icons for the settings.

                                                              Hide Desktop Icons :

Here’s a quick tip to hide all the icons that are showing up on your desktop. Just right-click anywhere on your desktop, go to view and turn off this check mark. Next to show desktop icons and now all those icons are gone that can be helpful. If you’re doing a presentation or you just want to clear all the clutter on your desktop out of the way.

                                                             Touch Keyboard :

If you have a touch screen one of the great options in windows 11 is the touch keyboard. You can enable it by coming down to the taskbar. Right click and go to taskbar settings. In the personalization settings look for the touch keyboard and turn that on that adds the touch keyboard option to your taskbar. Now when you’re using a touch screen device you can click this.

To open up the keyboard and you can type text directly into your touch screen device. It also has an option here where you can change the keyboard layout to a small format traditional. Format or default and it has a handwriting option that allows you to type a word and converts it automatically into text. It’s a great tool for touch screen devices.

                                                                  Autocorrect :

I’m sure you’re already aware of doing autocorrect on a cell phone when you’re typing in a text message. Well, you can do the same thing with windows apps. Windows already have to autocorrect like Microsoft word but for other things like notepad to file explorer and other apps you might want to do autocorrect there as well. Come down here to the taskbar, right-click and go to taskbar settings.

Click on time and language and go to typing. You’ll see the option for auto-correct misspelled words. If you turn that on and you may want to turn on this one to show text suggestions as you’re typing and if you deal with multilingual languages. Then you may want to turn this one. Once those are turned on close that window and you can do the autocorrect in windows 11.

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