Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

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                                 Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

The top 05 windows o5 tips and tricks with the release of windows. A bunch of new features is available. Here are the top 05 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of windows 11.

                                              1. Adjust Taskbar Alignment :

Number one adjusts taskbar alignment. One of the complaints about Windows 10 users, when they move to Windows 11, is the change to the taskbar. Now the icons and start menu are centered in the taskbar instead of to the left as they were in windows 10. There is a way you can change that goes go back to the same location. We were in right-click and go to personalize scroll down here to the taskbar and go to taskbar behaviors. Here there is an option to do the taskbar alignment and it defaults to center. You can change that to left and now it looks more like windows 10.

                                              2. Reset Network Settings :

Number two reset network settings. Microsoft added a new option on the menus to help you. If you’re having difficulty communicating across your network often this can happen. If you got bad drivers loaded or you have some settings that aren’t configured correctly, go down to start. Click on settings choose network and internet select advanced network settings and network reset. This option allows you to reset the network but note what it says right up here, this will remove. Then reinstall all your network adapters and set other networking components back to their original settings. So be careful, if you’re going to use this option because it’s going to require a reboot and possibly reinstalling some software that you may have loaded for your network but if all else fails and you’re having difficulty with your network communication this can be a good fix to solve your problems

                                            3. Turn Off Notifications :

Number three turn off notifications. One of the more annoying things about Windows 11 is the number of notifications has increased over what you got with windows 10. So my suggestion is there are several notifications and ad pop-ups and things that you can turn off. If you go to the start menu into settings, under system click on notifications and you’ll see this is turned on by default and there are some options down underneath.

Here you can turn this off completely. If you want to get rid of all the notifications from apps but my suggestion is you probably want to leave this on because there are certain apps that you want to get notifications from, so take a look through this list and turn off any of the notifications. You know you don’t want those specific apps also come down here to the very bottom and if you’re comfortable. Now using windows, then there’s no need to get tips anymore.

So you can turn this checkbox off as well to get rid of those pop-ups while we’re here come over to privacy and security and click on general and you’ll see that there are settings here. Tied to your advertising id and my suggestion is to turn it off. All of these settings to avoid those customized advertisements. Now you can also get notifications in your file manager. So let’s go down here to file explorer open that up and click on this dot. Go to options under view scroll down here and you’ll see this check box for show sync provider notifications. My suggestion is to turn this one off to avoid the sync provider notifications. For things like office and one drive services from Microsoft hit ok and close that window and you’re all set to get rid of some of those annoying notifications.

                                      4. Block Pop-Ups and Tracking :

Number four-block pop-ups and tracking. The Microsoft Edge browser also has a couple of settings. You may want to check to eliminate tracking information and pop-up windows. Come up here to the ellipsis in the right corner, and go down to settings. Click on privacy search and services and you’ll see the tracking prevention is defaulting to balance.

You can turn this toon to strict. If you want to eliminate all of the tracking information about your browsing activities, now this stricter setting may cause some issues with some sites but you can add those to your exception list if need be a second thing to check is to come over here to cookies and site permissions scroll down and click on this pop-ups and redirects. Make sure this is set to block and this will block any pop-ups and redirects that come up with certain websites.

                                                5. Right-Click Options :

Number five right-click options. One of the changes in Windows 11 is when you right-click on a file on your desktop or in the file explorer, you’ll notice the menu has changed, and now some of the standard options like cut, copy, and delete are now icons at the bottom of this window. So be aware of the changes to that menu.

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