Top Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

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                                    Top Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

Here are the top 05 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of windows 11. The top 05 windows 11 tips and tricks with the release of Windows 11. A bunch of new features is available.

                                                1. Widgets :

Number one is widgets. Widget is a new feature added to Windows 11 and you’ll find it on the taskbar right here. When you click on that, it opens up a set of widgets that access information from the internet. So of course you’re going to need internet access for these to work widgets can contain a variety of different information on different topics and you can drag and move them around. However, if you want on your widget screen you can also click the dot in the upper right corner of any widget and change the size or remove any of those widgets from the list.

If you want to add a new widget, come down here below those and hit add and you can select from any of these categories. To add additional widgets to your screen and then customize those to whatever you want. Widgets can be accessed on the desktop taskbar right here or if you have a touch screen device, you can drag from the left over to get the widget screen to come up.

                                                2. Touch Keyboard :

Number two touch keyboard. If you have a touch screen one of the great options in windows 11 is the touch keyboard. You can enable it by coming down to the taskbar. Right-click and go to taskbar settings. In the personalization settings look for the touch keyboard and turn that on that adds the touch keyboard option to your taskbar. Now when you’re using a touch screen device you can click this.

To open up the keyboard and you can type text directly into your touch screen device. It also has an option here where you can change the keyboard layout to a small format traditional. Format or default and it has a handwriting option that allows you to type a word which converts it automatically into text. It’s a great tool for touch screen devices.

                                               3. Set Default Location :

Number three-set default location. Windows uses your default location for a variety of different apps so that it can target information based on that location.

For Example:

Weather, maps, and things like that feature are available in windows 10 but I wanted to show you for windows 11 because there are many more apps being added to windows that require this location information.

Come down here to the start menu. Right-click and select taskbar settings. Pick privacy and security from the list and scroll down here to the location. Click on that and you can see that location services are turned on or off. Make sure this is turned on. If you want to provide apps, and your physical location here’s a list of all the apps that are using your location and you can set the default location manually right here. By clicking this button, now if you have a GPS-enabled device. It’s going to know that default location automatically but for a desktop pc, you may need to set this manually.

You can click change and choose a location from the map by zooming out and sliding over to any location that you want to set that default. To click set and that becomes your new default location. You can also click change and type in a location directly and choose it from the list. Once that’s done close that window and now your default location is updated. Also, note that your location history is tracked and you can clear that information right here if you don’t want it to be stored.

                                               4. Search :

Number four searches. The search has been modified in Windows 11. Now when you come down here you can hover over the magnifying glass and it shows your recent searches or you can click on the magnifying glass and it brings up the search window. Anything you type in this search bar will search against all of these different types of objects including the ones under more or you can select one specific from the list and search for just that type of object.

It also shows the top apps that you’ve been going into and it shows all of your recent searches. So you can select them again. To go directly back and makes some recommendations for quick searches, come up here in the upper right corner. You can click these options to change search settings change the indexing of your searches and a variety of other tools here. If you click on the start menu and then click on this area here to search, you’ll see that it goes right back to the same search window, so you can use either one of those search methods.

                                                 5. Autocorrect :

Number five is autocorrected. I’m sure you’re already aware of doing autocorrect on a cell phone when you’re typing in a text message. Well, you can do the same thing with windows and some apps. Windows already have to autocorrect like Microsoft word but for other things like notepad to file explorer and other apps you might want to do autocorrect there as well. Come down here to the taskbar, right-click and go to taskbar settings. Click on time and language and go to typing. You’ll see the option for auto-correct misspelled words. If you turn that on and you may want to turn on this one to show text suggestions as you’re typing and if you deal with multilingual languages. Then you may want to turn this one. Once those are turned on close that window and you can do the autocorrect in windows 11.

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