Top Alternatives to Expensive Software

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                               Top Alternatives to Expensive Software

Software from companies like adobe Microsoft and others can be quite pricey, especially those with monthly yearly fees that can add up over time. I’ll show you three alternatives to those popular programs in 10 categories, all of which are available for windows mac, and Linux as a bonus we’ll even show you free alternatives to windows and mac os.

                                       1. Free Screen Recorders :

There are a ton of free screen recorders available but you have to be careful what you choose most like bandicam will slap a nasty watermark on your recording. If you use the free version the best-paid screen recording software right now is snag it and it includes a ton of tools to capture your screen. Its cost is a one-time fee of around 50 with a 1250 annual maintenance fee to upgrade to the next version without paying the full price.

                                     2. OBS Studio :

The best free screen recording alternative to snag is obs studio which is what I’m using. At this moment to record this segment after you, get it, set up it’s easy to use and includes several useful features to record and stream on such places as twitch.

                                    3. Autodesk :

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook their community forum is a great place to get help with any of your issues and if you’re just getting started you’ve also got an obs studio beginner’s guide that will help you as well. If you’re into 3d modeling Maya from auto desk has long been the industry standard for 3d computer graphics. It’s been used for video games, animated films, TV shows, and movies. It’s not cheap either Maya will take a bite out of your wallet at 215 per month or 1700 per year by far.

                                  4. Blender :

The best free alternative to Maya for creating 3d computer graphics is a blender. It’s been around a long time. Its initial release was way back in 1994 and has been free and open source. The entire time blender is no slouch as many users say. It’s now better than Maya.

It has just about every feature and tool you would ever need and has been used to make full-length animated films. When you get started check out their support page which includes user manual tutorials and links to the various communities associated with blender audition is yet another overpriced product from adobe the software is a multi-track audio recorder mixer and editor that’s becoming more popular with podcasters. Its pricing is around 21 dollars per month.

                               5. Audio Editor :

The best free alternative audio editor to audition for is audacity. It’s been around since the year 2000 and quite frankly. It’s so good that there is no need to use a paid product like an audition with audacity. You can record audio, import, edit, and combine sound files. Removing noise includes hundreds of effects and you can install a plug-in to enhance its functionality.

                              6. Video Converter :

If you need a video converter to compress or convert into a supported file format, there are a bunch of paid. Ones to choose from including a unit converter from wonder share. Its pricing starts at around forty dollars per year.

                              7. Handbrake :

A great free alternative to those paid video converters is a handbrake. We’ve been using it for years and it fits all of our needs. It supports most of the popular codecs such as h.264 h.265 avc and others. The built-in presets make it easy to convert any file type and export up to 4k.

                             8. Customize the Output :

You can also customize the output by altering the bitrates, maximum file size or bitrates, and sample rate via constant quality. Now for our bonus category, the most important software on your computer is the operating system.

                              9. Best Free Alternative :

If you’re looking for the best free alternative to windows and os you’d want to go with one of the many Linux distros. The big advantage to using Linux is there are no upfront or built-in costs to use it. No forced updates invasions of your privacy and you have less of a chance of getting a virus or malware.

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