Top 5 Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

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                             Top 5 Windows 11 Tips and Tricks

The top 05 windows tips and tricks with the release of Windows 11. A bunch of new features is available. Here are the top 05 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of windows 11.

                                                                  1. Pin Apps :

Number 1 pin apps. To start menu windows 11 has a brand new start menu design and it includes pinned apps directly off of the start menu button but here’s a tip. You can click on all apps, and come down here to an app that you want to add to that menu. Right-click on it, click the pin to start, and now that app shows up in your pinned list. To remove one, just right-click and unpin it from the start. You could fully customize this list however you want.

                                                         2. Dictation with Punctuation :

Number two dictations with punctuation. You may already be aware that you can dictate directly into an app like notepad, that we have right here just by simply pressing windows h and talking into the microphone. This is dictation in windows 10. How do you like it as you can see it hasn’t added any punctuation to either one of these sentences. Let’s go down to a new line and let’s do the new option in windows 11. By going into settings and turning on auto punctuation, now when I record this is dictation in windows 11. How do you like it you can see it adds the punctuation at the end of both of those sentences. That’s a new feature in Windows 11.

                                                               3. Sound Control Settings :

Number three sound controls Microsoft has changed the sound control settings in windows 11 quite a bit and if you come down here on the taskbar you’ll see that the sound and the networking devices have been combined into one button. Click on that and you can see all the different settings. Bluetooth networking and you can also change the volume of your sound.

If you click this right arrow it brings up the default sound device for output and you can switch between them easily but I prefer actually to click outside of that and come down here and right-click on the open volume mixer option that takes you directly into the volume mixer settings where you can adjust the volume. You can also change the output and input devices independently and you can adjust the volume for the various apps that use sound. If you don’t like those you can reset them back to the defaults so I like to control the sound by doing the right click and opening the volume mixer in Windows 11.

                                                                   4. Snap Layouts :

Number four snap layouts. Microsoft added a brand new feature to Windows 11 called snap layouts. Normally when you have a window open you can go up in the upper right corner and you can choose this to minimize that to maximize or this one to close those windows but there’s a new feature called snap layouts and if you hover over the maximize option, it brings up these various window layouts. So let’s say we want to choose this window layout and we’ll put this browser window on the left half of our screen.

Then we’ll select this for the upper right and this one for the lower right. Now we have multiple windows grouped into that snap layout and we can edit and use them as we want independently. You can also come in here and resize these windows, however, you want and when you come down here to your browser list you’ll see that you have each window individually but then you also have the group. So you can select that to bring up that entire group for the snap layout and you can come down here and close the entire group and that closes all those windows snap layout is just a more efficient way to work with multiple windows on your screen.

                                                                     5. Show Taskbar :

Number five-show taskbar on all displays with windows 11. Microsoft reorganized the way it works with multiple displays and one of the nice features they’ve added to the menu is the ability to show your taskbar on multiple displays. If you right-click on your desktop and go to personalize. Scroll down here to the task bar and then scroll down to taskbar behaviors. There’s an option here called to show my taskbar on all displays. When you turn that on it adds this taskbar list to all the displays on your pc and you can run the start menu and run apps from either one of the displays.

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