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                                                           Top Best FREE VIDEO EDITING Software

Free video editing software is a great way to get started making videos for YouTube or other purposes. Without having to earn money, some of them are quite easy to use with basic features, while others have more advanced features. To help you create high-quality videos. I will be counting down the absolute best free video editing software for Windows Linux and Mac. All have no time limits or enforced watermarks. Let’s get started. We’re starting.

                                                                    Open Shot Video Editor :

The entrance is open. This free and open-source video editor is fantastic for beginners. It is easy to use. A drag and drop interface with a lower learning curve than most. Its features are packed. Some of these features include the ability to add transitions along with audio and video, and effects to enhance your creation.

There is also no limit to the number of layers. You can have up to 4k resolution and best of all. It is completely free with no charges. To access more features, the user layout is designed very well. Select project files to add clips to your videos.

Find the clips you want to add to your computer and drag them into the box. Click on these files and drag them onto the timeline. To add a transition between two clips, select the transitions tab. There are many to choose from on the left, click on a transition and drag it down onto the timeline.

To increase or decrease the transition, go to either side and look for the double arrows. Then left click and drag it to the desired length, left click and drop it to the end of the first clip. Then take the other clip and drag it over the transition. Let’s see how it looks.

One downside to open shot is that computers with low system specs may experience lag and other issues, but if your computer can handle it, it’s available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

                                                                  Hit Movie Express :

The next is the hit movie express. This powerful free editor is for those of you who want to up your game with advanced tools and features. More than 400 effects and presets, advanced cutting tools, and filters for both audio and video are included for free to create professional-quality projects, but with support for resolutions up to 4K.

Most popular file formats are supported when exporting a project. You also get motion tracking and animation tools that will make your project stand out over time. If you ever outgrow the free features and need additional tools, they now have over 30 add-on packages available to expand functionality. Starting at around ten bucks and around fifty bucks per pack, the downside of the hit Film Express is that it’s difficult to download and install all of the ones listed in our top five as well.

It’s the only one that requires you to have an account to use it. If you decide to download and install it, click the Free Download button. This will take you to the pay-what-you-want page, which will give you more features based on how much you’re willing to pay. If you just want to try the basic version for free, slide the slider to the left and click download now.

You need to fill out this form with a valid email address and then when you do that click on send me to express download. Then check your email and download and install. Instead of going through this process, they should let you download. You just need to create an account to use the free basic version immediately.

Later, if you ever decide to buy add-on packages, the plus point is that hit film express is a really good program. If you decide to install it, they have excellent support and over 100 free video tutorials to teach you how to use it. Before installing, make sure your computer meets or exceeds the minimum requirements. Hit film express is only available for Windows and Mac OS and is the only video editor.

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