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If you want to use the Bittern file sharing protocol to transfer files to your computer using software known as a torrent client. To download those files to make the process faster and easier while torrents are more commonly known for illegal file sharing. Many officials uses and for any reason for your download, I will let you know the top five clients that will be used on your PC to get many of the best thought features including easy-to-use features and reliability. Let’s start when you download torrents. If you need an extra layer of security to protect yourself from your Internet service provider Nord VPN will encrypt your data and hide your IP address to protect your torrent download.

Built In Search Tool:

We begin our count at number 5. Views this open source software began to be released in 2003 and full of features. There is a built-in search tool that explores multiple torrent sites that put their high quality network with just one search. They offer subscriptions that make it easy to find the same content that gives HD media playback to quickly view any type of torrent file and can easily convert your files into playback on another device. Which will make many of you happy that the free version of the watch contains ads without the user interaction being well designed which makes it very difficult for beginners to find out how to use it available for Windows Mac and Linux while the free version of the watch includes many key features and ten dollars a year provides built-in antivirus protection without ads and you can play your media while downloading.

Onion Routing Network:

At number four terrible was first released in 2009. This relative newcomer is an open source and focuses on the privacy. They have created for their visit like the Onion Routing network to help keep their users anonymous while downloading rent. When new features are tested so they can rely on community feedback to improve the terrible plus search box on the web. VLC Media Player is also built-in to be able to play your videos and can even watch before the download is complete.

Chrome Cast Airplay:

Number three web torrent released in 2017 can be run inside your web browser without the need to download any software. Now they offer a free desktop app with open source capable of viewing your content before downloading. Even though their desktop version is still in beta and I have not encountered any what are the bugs in the test. In addition to the standard features provides the ability to stream your videos in Chrome cast airplay and their DLNA interface looks minimalistic and has a native black mode to start downloading the torrent. You just have to drop the torrent file or paste a magnet link to launch the app. Desktop web torrent is available for Windows Linux and Mac.


In the second place is a flood. This free and open source program has been around since 2006 using a small amount of your computer memory and processing power. This torrent is suitable for those of you who need light weight use a system without frills but if you need more features powerful plains to customize flooding. To make it your own with more than a dozen third-party flood available on Windows Mac and Linux at a higher number by number.

Install Search Engine and Support for DHT Magnetic Links:

The first number launched in 2006 by Turin which offers so many important things that most people can enjoy. You need to install a built-in media player, search engine and support for DHT magnetic links and many more. If you were using Torrent ad-supported versions or a little comment you will enjoy a clean user interface that is not mixed with this program.

Cupid Torrent:

The only thing missing is the black theme that can make it perfect Cupid torrent is a free open source and available for Windows Mac and Linux.

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