Top 4 Free Software for PC in 2022

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Hello everyone and welcome I will recommend you guys the four best free software that you should be on your pc this year.


The first app I want to show shot. This app provides instant. How to take a custom screenshot because the app is easy to use allows you to select any location in your area, desktop and takes up two screens clicking buttons.


Shortcut is another application. I would like recommend using it for video editing. Shortcut is a cross for free open source platform video editor. It has all the functions of some of which are priced video editors and more team viewer or any other desk applications. On my list of applications that these applications allow remotely on computers or mobile devices is found anywhere in the world and is used as if he were especially now when most of us work is at home and you need far help is increasing again. In this regard that software is a good decision.

Opera Browser:

Let’s jump in to some real-time software opera browser. With this browser for you can browse securely instantly and without advertising open mobile and desktop computers and the most powerful feature of this the application is the ability to use the built-in vpn of this free browser.

Chat Apps:

Another app that I can recommend to you boys signal used to discuss. This app is very focused on privacy in comparison to other chat apps. Uses encrypted encryption with open source signal protocol which keeps your conversations secure. You can use it on your cell phone too, on your Windows computer.

Those four free software that I recommend that you use 2022. I use yours and I’m happy each of these apps.

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