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Welcome to Shadowrun dragon fall as always, I am your resident Shadowrun fan ready to walk you through this game with the utmost just, I’m going to be so gentle it’s going to be amazing, so I was pretty much up all night last night waiting for this game. I don’t know I was up all night just because games get me excited like that and Shadowrun is one of the few series that gets me to that level I suppose of just real huskiness in this game I think I’m not going to cover a lore quite as much as I did in the last series if you want to see that please go back and watch the first series there is a first half to this series Shadowrun returns where I’ll explain all the lore and everything I’m going to be a bit more brusque with things that I’ve already explained on this play through I will touch them really quickly like touch and go but I’m not going to spend as much time on explaining like what the matrix is for example I’ll just kind of tell you and then keep moving I’m not going to go into depth because I already did that in the first series I will also say that every campaign that I’ve ever run in shadow run has been in Seattle or San Francisco and so I am very I don’t have any knowledge about Berlin so I may not have lore to offer in the first place about this because I’ve never run a campaign or read anything that took place in Berlin so that being said let’s go to new game and we’ll choose the Shadowrun dragon fall campaign will launch it I’m going to go on Normal difficulty and here we go and hopefully everything goes the way that we wanted to I believe the last character I made was mad dog McGriddle and I bounced back and forth between female and male characters just to make it all nice and even because it makes me feel happy and I think I’m going to go with a male character this time because our last guy was Mad Dog McGriddle and that was a mean female from the tough streets of Cal ready and mountain blade war band and so this time we’re going to go with a male character our race I haven’t really thought about anything that I want to do in this series so I’m a little bit but the last play through I did go with a shaman I make it with a mage this time though because I like the mages a little bit better shamans are cool I mean they have access to some amazing abilities especially a dragon fall they got buff super hardcore to where they’re pretty in disposable now they have like Aloe heals like all kinds of crazy stuff that they didn’t have before for my race I don’t know what race I want to be either let’s have a look here be an orc I never play elves I mean if I go with the troll I’m going to feel the pull to be a Street Samurai because that’s you know that’s what trolls do they kick ass and they take names let’s have a look and well I’ve never done an elf before and I’m one of those people that rags on elves super lie I rag on elves super hardcore in real life so I’m going to go with an elf just to prove that I’m open-minded and I’ll do something new every now and again and we’re going to go to the shaman now let’s talk about the classes so I will do a brief introduction to the classes in case you’re new and you absolutely are just refusing to go back and watch my other series the street samurai is your basic warrior he just kicks ass and takes names wears heavy armor slashes things to death beats things to death throws things to death if there’s an instrument that he can plunge into something he’s probably going to do it his job out of the ether and force them to happen and so he kind of tears the magic from all around him and forces it to band beneath his will to get what he wants the Decker is a Ackerman sir somebody that’s really good at computer science that guy that’s probably destined to make a lot of money someday really good inside of the matrix but otherwise you can kit them up to be basically samurais on the side the game is very open to multi classing but Decker’s our best inside the matrix that’s just what they do they hack computers they get you inside of networking systems it’s just that they’re all around great to have around and they’re what I prefer to play they’re my favorite class that’s what I played in Shadowrun Returns the shaman like a mage but a little bit different he communes with the spirits so instead of tearing energy out of the ether he actually convinces the spirits to give him power through his superior charisma a very cool character to have because he’s going to have incredibly high charisma the entire game which means we may potentially be able to talk our way out of a lot of situations without ever having to be in a line of conflict the rigor the rigor is kind of an interesting classic they introduced I think and forth I don’t know they introduced him in a recent addition I didn’t know what a rigor was going into Shadowrun returns never seen one before because I’m an OG shadow run player all We had back in those days was like these four classes right here but the rigor he uses pets if you’re really into pets that’s what the rigor is he has lots of drones that he just he deploys and they all have their own attacks and abilities and things that they do they also could multi class as deck they can multi classes anything you want I mean you could be a major if you really wanted to but certain things synergy better and he energizes really well with decking and the physical adept is finally if you were ever into martial arts but also ever wanted a character who had like magically imbued martial arts that’s what the physical adept is he’s a physical character who beats people up uses katakana things of that nature and then uses magic to amplify his ability so kind of a sword dancer whirling dervish type of character very cool we’re going to go the shaman on this run-through let me un-click that and looking through the portrait I don’t really like any of them let’s go through a bit more slowly so we’ve got generic elf generic elf with Mohawk smiling we have bald creeper man who looks like he’s about to carry you off to a dungeon somewhere and force you to rub lotion on yourself this guy’s got dancing runes all over his head I always liked that idea the concept of Japanese tattoos and things generic mage right there. He’s got some kind of breathing device up in his nose I would have put it in my mouth but I guess if you want to have it in your nose that’s cool goggle a man with piercings that guy looks as though he’s about to host a carnival or something he’s got aviator shades but he’s tattooed on a soul patch which ruins that for me this guy looks like he belongs in the Princess Bride or something he looks like he just jumped out of a misfits con so he’s got kind of like a Giri only I know there’s another one around here that I’ve seen I think I’m going to go with the beard man definitely I’m a fan of beards we’ll get like our Zach Galifianakis elf thing going on right now skin tone will go right there for the hair will kind of match it up a little bit that hairstyle looks like it might work although he’s got kind of a floppy hock thing going on so I’ll go like right there that’s close enough and then that’s going to go hit the upper body a little bit maybe get our creating on do some zap man see if we can’t get ourselves yoked but for the time being that’s going to work let’s go to our stats and it represents okay so yeah the game is dictated by karma so up here karma is the point that you spend on abilities and you gain it just through doing activities Shadowrun isn’t like a lot of other role-playing games you don’t get up for defeating enemies or anything like that you’re going to be given karma at the end of run

And after doing something that’s particularly intelligent, karma is a lot less prevalent, I suppose, than XP and other games. There are a lot of stats here to choose from, and I’m not really going to run through them. If you want me to do that, go back to the Shadowrun Returns play-through. You’ve got body, which is your physical stat quickness, We’re a mage. We don’t use guns. We use mind bullets. We fire at you with the kinesthetics of our mind. I don’t even think that’s the right word, but I made one up. I’m going with spirit summoning 3. So that I can have a totem and we can choose between a budge. We got the Creator Idol, which lowers the chance that our spirits will break away as long as we’re within three tiles Dragon Slayer Idol allows you to increase the damage reduction within three squares of you and all of your allies. That one allows you to AOE heal anybody within three tiles. The final one here is the wild Huntsman, which increases your damage by plus four but lowers your accuracy within three tiles. bear and Great mother seem to have the same ability and I don’t know how they differ they both heal for the last damage you took within three which gives all friends quickness plus 1 we have Eagle which is chance to hit plus 15 raccoon which gives you a big move bonus but beyond that I don’t really like anything other than bare bears ability is kind of overpowered from what I’ve experimented with we could also go one higher with spirit summoning what would that do for us it’ll give us another spell book slot from what I saw in the brief time that I played it looks as though shamans have gotten a big buff in this game they have a lot more utility spells and things to be used we can also go lightning barrier right there I think instead yeah let’s go with I’m on a multi-class and so I do think what I should do is take a little bit of intellect related skills or willpower related skills so that we can have some major abilities on the back burner so we’ll go one and two will allow us to multi-class a little bit and have some cooler abilities if we wanted to be really badass we could also make our character part Chi casting which is the ability that the adepts use so we could be a frontline fighter who also summons spirits and does all kinds of crazy stuff kind of an interesting idea maybe kind of a Sitting Bull type or a Crazy Horse type build maybe very cool and interesting but I think I’m going to go mage and spirit summoning for this run-through so that’s that we’re all out of Karm except for that one we’re going to confirm and continue and we get to choose three epic wins I know it’s pronounced etiquette don’t fill my comments with spam about how I’m pronouncing things wrong I do that on purpose for comedic value we get to choose etiquettes and what an etiquette does is an etiquette as a location or a situation in which you are comfortable like you know the slang you know the lingo you know what’s going on you are immersed in that location so the first I’m going to go with is corporate which means that in corporate settings we know all the slang we know what to do to handle ourselves in a corporate setting I’m going to go a shadow runner because we are a shadow runners that’s always the obvious choice is to know how to handy yourselves among other shadow runners and the final I’m going to go with there’s not a big difference between Street and gang I mean there’s a little difference for example gang is going to be more how to interface with gangs and how to get along with like the AI fibres and how to get along with the Halloween errs which are various gangs we’re not going to be dealing with them because they’re not in Berlin I don’t even know what gangs are in Berlin those are Seattle gangs whereas Street knowledge would be where to get yourself a good cup of coffee I guess I think going with security would probably be a good call I’ve never seen security not be useful and I’ve never seen academic not be useful let’s go with academics since we’re going to be doing well we’re not going with a lot of intellect so let’s not do academic we may speak outside of our means let’s go a socialite since we have a lot of charisma that’s one that I’ve never used so we’ll figure it out and our in game name what do I want it to be let’s go three toe it’s a pretty good shaman name or storm water no three chill i like that better it has background storey maybe we got forklift foot and we lost some of our toes in the horrible medical accident who I’m getting the jitters zoning in the HAR Feld Manor run life was good easy jobs regular pay and a reliable crew but things went south and yet to drop off the grid put a bullet in the past and start fresh somewhere new the promise of opportunity and anonymity draws you to the free city of Berlin the flux state a grand experiment in social order corporations tread carefully here even the great dragon loft where only has so much sway in the constantly evolving power structure of Berlin the perfect place for a savvy shadow runner to disappear and begin anew and as luck would have it home to your old partner in crime Monica Schaeffer it’s your third run with Monica and her team an old castle hold fast one hour east of Berlin perched on a hill overlooking the countryside the job as a standard smash-and-grab crack the vault grab the data and get out in one piece a mediocre payday but work as work as the team gathers for Monica’s pre-run briefing you pause to take in your surroundings so excited about this the heartfelt manner 2054 one hour east of Berlin the estate grounds are silent save for the faint whistling of the wind your team gathers near a side entrance to the old castle hold fast cloaked in darkness the night is peaceful you know it won’t last you know for what it is a pleasant illusion that will shatter at the sound of the first gunshot listen up folks Monica Schaffer you ran with her back in the day watched her get her first day to Jack and now she’s your team leader in a Dracker to boot we’re in a tight timetable I want to enter the estate find the basement open the data ball to extract the files in bolt ten minutes top to bottom trying to get home in time for worm talk love Dietrich shaman the old man of the team he smiles that his facial tattoos writhing in the moonlight Monica’s eyes twinkle with mischief yeah maybe how many times have I told you can’t trust anything that comes out of a dragon’s mouth that tread trash will rot your brain as you might have guessed it’s a TV show she grins it’s educational besides this should be a milk run automatic heavy weapons no armour with a little luck they’ll never even know that we were here and so we can say just like old times and in my experience there’s no such thing as a milk run that’s me right there that is me right there words of wisdom from our new edition I agree with three ciao glory razor Claude street samurai her voice is cold and neutral her expression placid they may only be private security but their bullets don’t know that I could patch you up if I have to but I’d rather not have to you people need to relax we’re professionals remember she raises her arm and speaks into a wrist mounted commlink a darkened face shimmers on the view screen eager you in position the calmly crackles in the response comebacks comes back low and soft softer than you’d expect from a troll affirmative the alarm lines have been cut and I have a clear line of fire on the estate service entrance when you exit the building the path will be clear excellent Thank You Inger just doing my job I go out the commlink goes dark and Monica winks at you as she drops her arm see we’re professionals all right people enough chatter our client wants the data from the vault so we get him the data from the vault quick quiet and quick you said quick twice she grins warm talk is on tonight glory raises an eyebrow slightly I told you it’s educational get your stuff and we’ll head in time to get our badass bf G’s of doom because that’s how you start off games your gear and some weapons lie in the back of the van let’s grab a weapon even though we won’t need it I think we’re going to go shot ease in this run let’s go shot ease I well we could just go melee weapons if we could take a couple points in a depth just in case anything gets close to us we’re going to be a mage which means we’re always going to be a distance if we can help it lets grab the shotty yeah buddy the sawed-off Benelli and then we grab the rest of our kit the Force One air elemental fetish haste one it looks like that’s all that they’ve given us and basic med kit all right you grab your running gear from a worn duffel bag near the weaponry Abu Mona trauma kit I’m going to assume that boo Moana is just the dock waggon subsidiary from Berlin I don’t know in the future there is these companies that they monitor your life signs are they monitor your life signs and if you end up like dying they come in and save you and then stabilise you that’s what waggon of moon do just in case you were wondering the background on these companies their job is to make sure that you don’t die no matter what they will actually come in and kill people to make sure that you don’t die pretty sweet service to be honest let’s get on in here our goal is to keep the team alive that seems fairly foreboding let’s have a look around and let me look at my kid actually before we go any further here we’ve got a Benelli we’ve got the allow acid bowl that’s new a conjurors basic acid bolt does damage over time to the target cool we may not even need the shotgun I was wondering if they would start me with mana volt or something since I took a little bit of mage but it looks like they haven’t a private Museum the owner of this estate must have money to burn treasure so let’s see if we can’t earn ourselves some extra cash here a variety of remarkably well-preserved Slovak artefacts the complete skeleton of a theropod dinosaur it appears to be genuine be badass if we could take the top like the head off and then just like place it on our head like a shaman with a dinosaur skull on our head just dancing around doing all kinds of crazy dance moves getting our MJ on that’s how my shaman would be the base in this case looks both very old and very valuable a fine scrollwork of lapis and gold leaf decorates its exterior and the interior shimmers with the organic beauty of abalone shell your fixer could probably move this thing in a heartbeat you can’t help but notice that the glass casing looks awfully flimsy let’s smash it okay base you’re coming with me as you draw your arm back to smash the glass Dietrich catches it his gnarled hand tightens around your wrist not a smart move Kleiner we have a job to do and hauling a great big vase around isn’t part of it Dietrich offers you a toothy grin unless the vase figured into your plans to complete the missions I’m out do you have a vase oriented strategy that I wasn’t aware of I get your point the pay day from the run will do Nate the base is going to earn me a nice bonus I was thinking we could use their I’m going to try and convince him I was thinking we could use it to smuggle Monica into the data vault Dietrich stifles a chuckle an excellent plan three two and I support it fully we should get moving though shouldn’t keep the enemy maid in here we shouldn’t keep the others waiting I don’t see any vases being bashed out of here so it looks as though my evil plans to steal and pillage have been once again the Cask in this display case is decorated with inlaid panels of ivory scrimshaw scrimshaw’s whale bone in case you didn’t know in case you were wondering what scrimshaw is it’s whale bone carvings from old sailors back in the DIA take it slow in here by clicking halfway across the room I don’t see anything too scary just yet we can either go for that room or we can go for this one this one’s closer and I’m a lazy bastard so let’s go for this one oh good we’ve made our first friend so how the combat works in this game if you’re not acclimated and you didn’t listen to me and you didn’t go back and watch the last series hint nudge the game is turn-based obviously up here at the top you’re going to have the AP for each character every action takes 1 AP excluding some specialist actions which take two so just keep an eye up here if you’re wondering what I’m doing you can’t increase your ap over the course of the game by increasing your quickness probably a useful stat to have no matter who you are I’m going to move into the room and circumnavigate this cover for an 88% chance to attack our automatic attack is our acid bolt which is going to do two damage per round and for damage up front on this side we’re going to take the same cover we’re going to shoot over this counter over and over I guess instead of doing anything else intelligent our entire team gets to move before anything else happens so we don’t have to worry about one guy going then another guy going then another guy going and just the whole thing turning into kind of a chess match he’s got throwing knives it’s a kunai which appears to be new when I have him do an aim shot when we miss so he’s actually going to get to attack which is disappointing and do 6 damage which is double disappointing I’m going to take him out damn it yeah why won’t you die there we go die foamy sucker and then we’re going to have looks like there’s a console here we have our Decker take care of that Security Alert response plan Quebec six matrix operations locked HT our team responding decking to override matrix operations door lock there we are contextual abilities allowed us to bypass it matrix operations unlocked so now well we can’t see anymore but this was locked down here so I bet that’s what’s unlocked let’s get everybody in to cover for the battle to come because I heard doors opening in here die leave Dietrich oh I did I left Dietrich with ap love early I don’t even have to complain about it now let’s take Dietrich and he’s got a healing spell on and we’re going to heal her last damage there it is will we take fire here yes we will fairly accurate fire indeed that was a long shot and they still managed to make it I’m going to do three toes last which has already got him all disappointed but I want to make sure that there’s a slot for him in this game you always want to be careful if your main character because if your main character dies that’s it for you chimer the game is now over it’s a feature that I don’t really like because you can equip your main character and other characters with res kits but you can’t res yourself so once you’re gone that’s that I guess and you don’t get the chance to Res I wish there was kind of like a 3 turn countdown or something to circumnavigate that they may have changed it I don’t know we haven’t played the game long enough to find out let’s do an aim shot over here and the aim shot is a lovely Miss and the second shot at a lower chance to hit managed to land 46% from here woohoo Monica coming in nice and deadly on the back burner very good I should probably look at my equipment at some point too and figure out what everybody has in their back pockets so that it’s always good to know what utility items you have I’m going to put him in cover will throw out kind of a worthless knife what just happened you knew feature so what the game just did is it moved me out of cover to move to the first place that I could make the attack that I was mounted over like in the first game it would just say out of range I dislike that change and I think that’s probably going to motivate me to spend some time in the options seeing if I can’t change that because that is a really terrible change I mean as far as changes goes shame on you that is that is bad I don’t know any turn-based aficionados who would ever go for something like that like moving me out of cover so that I could take a shot not on my watch Jimmer so I guess we’ll just have to be careful until I figure out how to disable that that’s a really bad feature I don’t like that at all I don’t remember it doing that in the first game it may have I might just have a bad memory but for me personally that one sucks everybody is healed after the combat and this is where I’m going to break off the episode the game does have a manual saving mechanic now which is very good you’ll recall that the first game had kind of a oh I don’t know a shoddy saving system that nobody liked I’ll leave it there and we’ll move forward and say that the developers have done what they can to remove that hazard from your journey we can now save whenever we want my name is flattered cat thank you for joining me here in the nerd castle for the first episode of Shadowrun returns dragon fall.

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