Free Software That Is Great! 2022

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                                                                 Free Software That Is Great! 2022

If you’re looking for free software for your computer. Now I am going to show you great free software and we’re starting right now. Pretend to show you we’ll be going through these at a quicker pace.

                                                                                  Tor Browser :

First up is the tor browser while there are browsers that do a good job of protecting your privacy like brave and others. The tor browser goes a few steps further to give you maximum privacy and security while browsing the internet using more than 6,000 tor relays.

This open-source browser encrypts your web traffic within the tor network to help keep you anonymous while you’re online the trade-off. To all this privacy protection is that your browsing will be slower. In addition, it blocks third-party trackers and removes privacy-sensitive data such as cookies and browsing history.

It also lets you access the dark web which is a collective of sites not indexed by mainstream search engines. When you first launch the tour browser you’ll get the screen to connect to tor. Check the box next to always connects automatically.

To bypass the screen in the future then click on connect to browse anonymously tor browser is available for windows, mac, os, and Linux. They also have a mobile app available for android.

                                                                                        Inkscape :

Inkscape is a fantastic free and open-source alternative to adobe illustrator. This vector graphics editor is feature-packed to create scalable icon illustrations and logos. There’s a huge assortment of tools for object creation and manipulation.

You can edit and create compliant SVG formatted files and allows for exporting into other formats including png. The user layout is not too difficult to figure out. Most of the primary tools are located along the left with a color bar at the bottom of the window.

When getting started there is a high learning curve. Inkscape is available for Windows, Linux, and mac os. When searching for files and folders in windows the experience is atrocious and an outright embarrassment for Microsoft, everything is an open source program for windows only that makes the experience.

A whole lot better it should be built into all windows operating systems. It’s light on system resources and easy to use with the program open. It lists every file and folder on your computer. When you start typing in the search box it limits what is displayed to help you. Find what you’re looking for quickly. If you use windows everything is a must-have program.

                                                                                          Adam :

If you’re a computer programmer Adam is an open-source text and source code editor you might want to check out. It includes support for plug-ins written in node.js and embedded git control. When working on a team project Adam’s teletype feature.

Let’s you collaborate in real-time with others speeding up the workflow with excellent cross-platform support for windows, mac os, and Linux. It includes thousands of themes and packages to customize it. How do you want it?  It has a user-friendly layout and shares many similarities with visual studio code but unlike visual studio code and most of its competitors, it’s truly 100 free and open source.

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