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In this year’s program in the free software series, we made the condition very simple the system should be free with the essential features that many people want to install for free all kinds of free software are considered in this video except those that offer only free arterials to get rid of bad. I will show you your ten free programs and various great categories all of which can be installed on Windows computers but some are also available on Linux and Mac we have accessed them but often show I will get over this faster than usual.


To get started using the same programs if you need help using it there are tons of online and YouTube tutorials that will teach you how to use sketchbook requires you to create an account following a 7-day trial old continuing to use it is not considered a free trial because there are no upgrades yet completely free for personal use with all pro features included on Windows and Mac.

Hardware Information:

Accurate HW information is only available on Windows with a standard installer and two portable options that include one day whether they know or use the Swiss-based proton mail email service that has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Proton VPN comes from those same people unlike most free VPNs with data caps as well. The free tier proton VPN gets unlimited bandwidth so you can use it the way you want. Options and speed are not too high for security reasons I can not show you the interface but if you would like to try it is available on three hundred operating systems with mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

Adobe Illus Version:

If you want another free Adobe Illus version traitor Inks cape is what you want this vector photo editor is open-source and completed to create. Uncontrolled logo icons and images include a wide set of tools to create an object and manipulate its main file format by SVG and are compatible with jpg PNG PDF and much more. There when you open Inks cape you will find tools left and right with a color bar below it has a high reading curve so I would recommend you check out the tutorial on their website to familiarize yourself.

There are three ways to scan your cursor:

Over each one for more details, I usually leave in the middle and click on the scanner when it combines the remaining items you can choose to select those items individually or select all after selecting items delete click pop-up click yes there are additional items here so I will select all of this click delete and yes and we are done but some programs may have certain features and will not be removed until you restart your computer. The free program will be all that most people will need.

Hardware on Your Computer:

If you need to check the hardware on your computer, HW Information is what I recommend it provides more information about your hardware and includes real-time monitoring of the system depending on how you set it up you will have a separate window with your key system components if you do not need this window you can close or move left to select any the section will give you more information.

Fox it Reader:

If you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader and looking for additional features for Fox it reader it may be what you want best for creating PDFs from standard file formats with built-in interactive tools that make it easy to sign documents either by handwriting or by using a mature edit. A Fox it reader using a standard-looking ribbon top that includes a useful pdf signature feature. Fox, Reader is available for Windows Mac, and Linux.

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