Cool Software That Make Your PC Better!

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Cool Software That Make Your PC Better!

Windows operating system never it would be nice to customize with gratitude. Some programs can help you customize and customize windows to suit your own needs. Today I will show you some cool software that provides you with additional tools to improve your content. This is on your Windows computer will install software development the design of your desktop and programs that keep your belongings in good order.


First up a free rainmeter and an open-source display system custom skins on your desktop. There are thousands to choose from various stages indicating the time and the date that the Para zest feeds program monitors. The skins that control your media and many others, several websites offer a large collection of downloadable leather including Reddit and Life hacker. My preferred site is to download new skins deviant art with one of the very large collections of new skins who can hear each day, Yes you should know. Now to be careful whatever you download online and scan for your preferred security software, in the several years I have fetched skins from the site. I have never had problems with one of my own Your favorite skin is called enigma which has been there for many years and it is very popular with diameter users’ time and whether the skin is in the middle of the screen is called some pony. When you right-click anywhere on the skin you have several choices. If there is one different skin you selected. If available can be listed here to add new skins as part of the selected suite sidebar or activity bar to see your options, I will go down to analyze and select this one. If it appears on your screen you can click and drag it wherever you want. It is a new version of stable. The rain meter is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 to 10. If you feel like it adventurous, they also have a beta release you can check through most of you. I would recommend using the 4.1 final release for editing your desktop shortcuts and folders.

Fences System:

The fences system is very useful in that you can use it the same way that the team does on Android but with many options to customize it just wouldn’t be easy to use. Click left and draw a rectangle on your desktop and choose to create a phone. Here give your new phone the name I will call it this one browser then hit enter drag phone where you want my shortcuts. They are on another monitor. So I will choose the ones I want on this phone. I drag over them. It looks like this phone isn’t big enough. You can also click on the edges again and corners to resize fences to make everything is fine. Once they are on the phone they will not go away unless you remove them. They will even sit inside the fence there updating your photo drivers by right-clicking the card inside any fence and the option to customize the fences you will provide you have a few custom settings that you can change but I have always found that the default settings many of them these work very well. So I usually do not make any changes with all the good features that Microsoft added Windows to a few years ago I was shocked. I have not added anything like this organizational excess like me fence is a software you should have. If you can’t wait so that Microsoft can add these features to the future is available for Windows seven to eight-ten and has a one-time cost of $ 9.99. If you want to try it they give you a free 30-day free trial folder. The marker allows you to add color or change it.

Folder Tag:

Icons for your Windows folders are especially helpful in finding more information. You are organized especially when you are working on a large project with a ton of folders. I will show up with the folders. I have to be on my desktop just click right on the folder you want to change, and submit your cursor down to mark the folder. You have several decisions including changing an important condition of that folder. For this one, I will choose the most important to add an arrow icon at the top of that folder changing the color is as easy as I will select another folder similar to the previous one right-click, and scroll down. To tag, a folder then moves your cursor down to the colors. Then select the color you want in that folder. I will make one green it would not have been easy to use. The folder tag is available free for Windows XP up to 10 with them provide paid editions and more features but for most people free the system will be everything they ever need.


Next is the flexibility you should have in an Eye reduction program. Especially helpful for those of you using your computer, most of the day and reduces blue light from your monitor can put you to sleep. It is better if you have Windows 10. There is a built-in night light but the settings that allow you to change are very limited with a flux that puts your place in the lower right and will automatically set a night mode from dusk to dawn. You do not look at the light too much screen on night screen recording the software will not capture this but if you submit a slide you can edit the daytime color. Selects the menu bar on its top-left gives you several settings you can change including adjusting to both day and night colors and other features as well options are best. When you start using them this application uses the default settings and the required flux is completely perfect. It’s free and works on almost everything Windows version. If you use Linux or Mac you can use those who work systems.

Windows Blind:

Windows blinds are another cool system from manufacturers of fences which I showed you at the beginning of this program. Allows you to set custom skins for The Windows operating system changes taskbar, start panel frames accordingly, and other changes that include new styles several simple ones are included to try out. I have opened a few programs for you he can see front and back right now are set to default theme windows. Select a new style to go with this is called acrylic 7 choose to apply the style to the desktop and take about 30 seconds for the changes. To take the result once done you will see that provide taskbar and open windows a brand new look like a rainmeter. There is a whole community dedicated to it create new skins at Wynn custom with more than 600 options. Many are free but some are cost-free the one I was watching was called a ninja. This is the coolest look I could have to install. This later Window Blind is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10. As fences, the cost of one-time is $ 9.99 and offers a free 30-day trial check.

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