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Today I want to show you the best free software for pc. We will install software that allows you to edit photos, take screenshots, customize your Windows experience, take notes, and much more. A lot I use a lot of these apps almost every day and I think you will do very well. Let’s check out the first one.

Free Photo Editing Program:

The First is on the list and it is a free photo editing program to download. You can find it at You also get the whole picture, the planning tools, you would expect, you can change the image, you can adjust the colors, you can use layers that you can use apply filters and the list goes on again to when you start using it, it may seem a little scary but lucky you have an introductory video to appear all the essentials to use you can click the link at the top or and down below the description.

Green Picture Screenshot Tool:

In second place we have a green picture screenshot tool. You can find this at Again and you can find that in the meaning it’s like a snatch tool that it comes with windows but it offers even additional performance. You have all your usual photography full screen scan tools, a window or circuit. Once you have taken your screenshot you can place it directly on the clipboard. You can send it to the app or to yourself can.

Automatically upload to iffy shot green and it comes in handy. A powerful annotation editor that you can add call outs, arrow text action, numbers as well. One of my favorites you can use even a torn page filter.

Handbrake Videos:

In the third place we have Open handbrake video transponder. You can download this from Why you will need to use the video the transponder well? Let’s say you have video file in flu format. It’s hard to do much about that but you he can just pull it down handbrake and will turn it into mp4 or suppose you have a lot of files in 4k but take less the smallest space. You can transfer all down to 1080p.

Microsoft Power Toys:

The fourth free app number belongs to Microsoft power toys. You can get this directly. The Microsoft store just wanted it power toys and click enter with powerful toys. You get a lot additional resources for windows.

For example:

You get the color picker, you get something called fancy zones and this allows you to define and configure snap zones. In windows are also available mouse highlighter, finds app launcher and many other resources.

Microsoft Store And OneNote:

The number five we have another app with it Microsoft and this is on the note. Here as well you can also find this by using Microsoft store, just search have a note and click install. If you like have windows this also comes for free and fitted to the front with windows. OneNote is a digital note-taking app. It is the most powerful thing you can do download all kinds of notes, you can find get your notes again very quickly, you can access one note everywhere, your devices are different.

Signal App:

The number six signal app for sending both of your messages pc and your phone. You can download it from You may be wondering what I really need another messaging app already exist. Many messaging apps out there for you. Send WhatsApp message on Skype. All of which are great owners corporations signal on the other hand, open source and put privacy first. There is an automatic encryption no trackers no ads. So you can be sure of all the conversation you have will be completely private app.

Microsoft Applications:

The number seven is and another Microsoft application that I may have a little bias. I was working on but I also sincerely love to use Microsoft applications. This is done by Microsoft is your standard job tracking app. You can add functions you can add small steps and you can even assign those tasks others you can mark emails. Visually as well as those will appear in your to-do list. One of my favorite features is called mine every day. You can add activities in your view of your day and the next day you get a clean slide too like other Microsoft applications. You can get done by opening. I Microsoft store and search for performance.

Team Viewer:

The number eight is team viewer and you can download this app to with team viewer. You can remotely control another pc. This is especially helpful. If suppose you are trying to help a friend or a family member with a problem pc you they can control their pc or suppose at home you want transfer files between two different pcs you can use team viewer to do that as well.

Oracle’s Virtual box Machine:

The number nine we have oracle’s virtual box machine. You can find this at So what is a virtual machine and why would like to use it? Properly with a virtual machine can use many single-functional systems computer so imagine that your main computer has windows 11 in it. You can set a virtual machine with 10 windows 7 or Linux. In this way suppose you develop app and you want to test it for an adult version of windows or maybe you want play an old game or maybe you want to use military software that you do not trusting to work on your big machine. You can do all these things with virtual machine. This brings us to the last of today.

Shot Cut Video Editing:

The number 10 we have a video of cutting a gun. The editor is a free and open source video editor and includes no watermarks on your video. You can import your own videos to upload in the timeline. You can set your own video and there are all kinds’ different filters that you can apply to. You can adjust the light. You can use chrome key. You can add text. You can even use key frames if you want to learn how to use shot cut video editing. If you want even more free software I compiled an article in 2022 that lists some of my free favorite’s software.

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