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For this year’s edition of the free-software series, we made the criteria quite simple. The program must be free of cost with the essential features that most people want to be included free of charge. I’ll show you free programs and a variety of actually great categories. All of these can be installed on Windows computers but some also being available for Linux and Mac. Let’s get to it but tend to show you. I’ll go through these quicker than usual.


Boldness is a notable free and open-source Audio Editor and recorder. It’s utilized by numerous experts including those that produce digital recordings and it’s additionally simple to use for amateurs. Notwithstanding the standard recording and altering choices, it highlights performing multiple tasks blending in with test rates as much as 96 kilohertz with 32 pieces for each example and modules can be added to upgrade its usefulness. Try not to let, its obsolete connection point fool you. It’s as yet a strong program. You’ll track down the essential devices here at the top to alter your sound. It’s refreshed consistently and accessible for Windows Mac and Linux.

If you want to do an investigation of the equipment on your PC HW data is what I suggest it gives broad data about your equipment and incorporates constant framework checking to rely upon how you have it set up. You’ll have a different window with the framework synopsis of your key parts. If you needn’t bother with this window, you can finish it off or move it along the left choice. Any part will give you extra data to the right HW information is just accessible for Windows with the standard installer and two compact choices.

Free Photo Editing Program:

It is a free photo editing program to download. You can find it at You also get the whole picture, the planning tools, you would expect, you can change the image, you can adjust the colors, you can use layers that you can use apply filters and the list goes on again to when you start using it, it may seem a little scary but lucky you have an introductory video to appear all the essentials to use you can click the link at the top or and down below the description.

Handbrake Videos:

We have Open handbrake video transponder. You can download this from Why you will need to use the video the transponder well? Let’s say you have a video file in the file format. It’s hard to do much about that but you can just pull it down the handbrake and will turn it into mp4 or suppose you have a lot of files in 4k but take less than the smallest space. You can transfer it all down to 1080p.

Signal App:

The next is a signal app for sending both of your messages pc and your phone. You can download it from You may be wondering what I really need another messaging app already exist. Many messaging apps out there for you. Send a WhatsApp message on Skype. All of which are great owners corporations signal on the other hand, open-source and put privacy first. There is automatic encryption no trackers no ads. So you can be sure of all the conversations you have will be completely private apps.

Oracle’s Virtual box Machine:

We have oracle’s virtual box machine. You can find this at So what is a virtual machine and why would like to use it? Properly a virtual machine can use many single-functional systems computer so imagine that your main computer has windows 11 in it. You can set up a virtual machine with 10 windows 7 or Linux. In this way suppose you develop the app and you want to test it for an adult version of windows or maybe you want to play an old game or maybe you want to use military software that you do not trust to work on your big machine. You can do all these things with the virtual machine. This brings us to the last of today.

Shot Cut Video Editing:

We have a video of cutting a gun. The editor is a free and open-source video editor and includes no watermarks on your video. You can import your videos to upload to the timeline. You can set your video and there are all kinds of different filters that you can apply. You can adjust the light. You can use the chrome key. You can add text. You can even use keyframes if you want to learn how to use shot cut video editing. If you want even more free software I compiled an article in 2022 that lists some of my free favorite software.

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