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Hello everyone today I want to show you my favorite five best free software. Now I personally use all of these almost every day and I think you will want to use them with you. If you want to jump around this article feel free to use the time stamps below. Ok let’s check out these.


This brings us to the first piece of free software and that solidarity you can find at audacityteam.org. Audacity and why you can get it right. Here is a free open source and cross-platform audio software so you can record audio and you can also edit audio using audacity and it has many very powerful tools so let’s say.

For example:

Maybe you want to combine podcast or my YouTube videos I use audacity to clean my audio. So my video downloads audacity you can do. Come down here and click download. When you have finished installing audacity, you will enter an interface. You can select your audio source or microphone. You want to record here and you can select your speaker here. I can check the levels and when I am ready to record I will just click this red record.  I can click the stop sign and I can play it to hear what sounds like. On the right I have all the different tools. I can use to trick the sound; I can even add other tracks here.

For example:

I’ll click on the tracks and let me add another song. So here I can add any number of audio tracks. Great of different effects here I can amplify my voice and I can install a compressor. If I want to amplify my sound, a bit maybe I just want to hear how it sounds. Let’s say I was in a cave I can put an echo here, I can also remove the background sound and you can add different plug-ins to audacity. There is an automatic tuning plug in, so if you ever wondered how it would sound. If you wanted to remove it-pain, you can do that and it sounds as if I knew a little about this, so I hope that does not scare you if you want to view an in-depth study of how to use audacity.

Deviance Solve:

This brings us to the second software number and that deviance solve. You can download it from the next website and I will link to the definition below, deviance solve not much work has video editor, that can color distance, can edit sound ,can and effects have tons and tons of work in fact Hollywood film, studios and TV channels. Use it to integrate their projects. I use deviance solve free section and it has a lot of work I can do want to download deviance solve slow down and click download. Now link to download page. You have standard deviance resolution 17 that free version. There is also a paid studio version but also free version. The best thing you need once you are done installing deviance resolution you will see a visual interface that looks like this and also deviance resolution has a lot of functionality here.

For example:

I am on the media page which allows me to manage everything in my various media files. Here this is where you start to put your story together and you have a lot of different tools here that make it really. Impressive 2d and 3d effects here are also color grading look again.


This is a really moving industry and there is something called firelight where you can change the sound of your project. Once you are done, you can give your project on this last page. If at first glance it might sound frustrating to use deviance solve but that will speed you up faster and once you start using it you will start to appreciate all the power you get with deviance solution. As one deviance solution requires a powerful program and if maybe your computer is small, old or unable to use deviance resolution that goes through all the different options for free video editors and some of them can work on any type of system that is now delivered with us to release.

OBS Studio:

Software number three and this one called obs studio. You can download it from the website obsproject.com. So what to do with obs, well you can use it to record your screen and you can use it live streaming, you can put it in any field when you are done. Finish installing obs, you will see a screen and yes I use obs to record the obs may be inside the obs. If at first glance, it may look a little complicated and on the left hand side you can set various scenes and within the scope, you can add different sources, so here I have my browser window as one source and I have my video as another source I can click this merge icon and you can add all kinds of different sources. To write your group and you can add all types in different effects and filters, you can set your different audio levels, you can set the transition stage and when you are ready to record, you can click and start recording or you can stream to any of the most popular services. Let’s say you want to opt out to touch face book, YouTube you can do all that by using obs. Now there is a lot of function within the obs and already within this article I will not be able to cover it all but if you like to learn more about obs and want to deepen how to use you can also watch another video or can also read another article.

VLC Media Player:

The fourth number of free software and this is called vlc media player. You can download it from the following website for what is good about vlc and why I highly recommend the good thing that you can open any type of video file. Actually whenever I get a video file, when I try windows media player sometimes will not work well but whenever I try vlc it is very sure it always opens well. So you can easily download and click on this download text. Once you have finished installing vlc media player and open the file you will see a visual interface, he says we look a little old but don’t let that fool you, there are tons of different skills here. All kinds of different effects, all kinds of different filters. One of my favorites I have a very wide screen monitor and many times you will play. Let’s say DVD and add t he black lines at the top as well down well. You can cut those using vlc or let’s say you have a media file and you want to convert the type. You can click here and then you can convert from one file type to another file. So even though, it is a media player. It has a lot of function above and above your regular media player.

Libre Office:

The fifth free software number and that is the Libra office. You can download from libraoffice.org. So what is LibreOffice well is an office production organization. You get a lot of different apps that will help you to be more productive within the Libra office. You can get all kinds of different apps. Here is a LibreOffice author and you can use this is to combine different documents with a spreadsheet application. There is another vector drawing app called Libra office. Draw and as an additional drag bonus, you can open pdf or any type of pdf and you can edit it using drawing. So with LibreOffice you get value and get a lot of different which allows you to produce more, which includes my five free software but there is another and I use all the tea I wanted to share with you.


And this one is called paint.net and although it is called paint.net. You download it from the website getpaint.net. Once you come to the page you can download it there. Here again, this is a simple yet powerful photo editing app. Once you have finished installing, you will stay in a place that looks like this and the thing I love about paint.net is that it has many editing tools that you may need already have apps like adobe Photoshop. You also have it as another free option but personally I think those are much harder when they work much more than you would need here at paint.net provides everything. I need you have your standard image trick tools. Here you can choose different colors with history and you can use different layers of what you can do with paint.net up here, where I can go up the effects, I will scroll down to the image and right here there is an option to use a simple green screen. When I click that will just remove the green background on this image which is one of many different effects. I can use to trick which images look like one of the best that you can add all kinds of different plug-in that extend the power and strength of paint.net.

Ok let me know below in the comments do you already use any of these apps??


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