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In a never-ending quest for something of the best free software ever created. I came up with five more free programs that are all great. The software I will show you is available on it. Windows Linux and Mac as always the systems are well trusted and can perform many high-value functions software.

Kodi Media Player Software:

The next Linux is Kodi free and open-source media player software. If have you used Plax to share with others, similar you can use Kodi for viewing media directly to your computer, or if you have a Smart TV-based or a broadcasting device with a Kodi app allows your PC to behave like a media server.

To stream your movies TV programs and other media to those devices to bring more people to Kodi existing additions a few sections of video add-ons or audio streaming online content do and have additives for the skins to change the look and feel of Kodi adults.

The weather and much more of everything are completely free but with many additions sometimes it is easy to search. I will do an NBC search that seems to have an NBC extension and the NBC Sports Network. After installing Kodi and the initial presentation, you may be frustrated with everything. In these sections on the left on the empty side, you have to do a link before it appears primarily window.

You will also want to go to a settings menu that will have more categories. To set your favorites, if Cody something like that there are hundreds of interests tutorials on YouTube. To check Cody, available for Windows Linux, Mac, Android, iOS once Raspberry Pi is your last lmms this is not for everyone designed specifically for artists.

Lmms Free Digital Audio and Open Source:

Lmms is a free digital audio and open source. A working center for creating music is coming combined with a variety of metals and effect plug-ins can produce music by creating melodies and beats. Mixing and matching sounds and more especially if you work on the project is what the general structure will look and this is what the structure looks like when you plan your music.

If this is what, it is interesting. I would recommend you, check out their part of the text with many resources including a video. Lmms tutorial is available for Windows Linux and Mac.


This is a moving industry and there is something called firelight where you can change the sound of your project. Once you are done, you can give your project on this last page. If at first glance it might sound frustrating to use deviance solve but that will speed you up faster and once you start using it you will start to appreciate all the power you get with deviance solution.

As one deviance solution requires a powerful program and if maybe your computer is small, old, or unable to use deviance resolution that goes through all the different options for free video editors and some of them can work on any type of system that is now delivered with us to release.

Libra Office:

The fifth free software number is the Libra office. You can download it from libraoffice.org. So what is LibreOffice well is an office production organization. You get a lot of different apps that will help you to be more productive within the Libra office. You can get all kinds of different apps.

Here is a LibreOffice author and you can use this to combine different documents with a spreadsheet application. There is another vector drawing app called Libra office. Draw and as an additional drag bonus, you can open a pdf or any type of pdf and you can edit it using drawing.

So with LibreOffice, you get value and get a lot of difference which allows you to produce more, which includes my five free software but there is another and I use all the tea I wanted to share with you.


And this one is called paint.net and although it is called paint.net. You download it from the website getpaint.net. Once you come to the page you can download it there. Here again, this is a simple yet powerful photo editing app.

Once you have finished installing, you will stay in a place that looks like this and the thing I love about paint.net is that it has many editing tools that you may need already have apps like Adobe Photoshop. You also have it as another free option but I think those are much harder when they work much more than you would need here at paint.net provides everything.

I need you to have your standard image trick tools. Here you can choose different colors with history and you can use different layers of what you can do with paint.net up here, where I can go up the effects, I will scroll down to the image, and right here there is an option to use a simple green screen.

When I click that will just remove the green background on this image which is one of many different effects. I can use it to track which images look like one of the best you can add all kinds of different plug-ins that extend the power and strength of paint.net.

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