5 Free Software That Are Actually Great!

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It’s time again to show you five free software for your existing computer good with all the bad plans there. I always wanted the best free software that can make many expensive paid software services. All the programs I show you today are available for Windows Mac and Linux.

OBS Studio:

The first free and open OBS studio record source screen is good recording projects that can be saved on your computer and live to stream video games or anything else you can do. I have used several on-screen records and OBS studio is the best. Many free OBS screen recorders do not have mandatory watermarks, either you can record up to 60 frames. Second, there is what the system looks like when you first present it, there is so much you can add to this short video.

You can start streaming live by choice start screaming or just option to start recording recordings that will be stored on your PC. If you go to settings, you have more non-convertible options that will they vary depending on where you live broadcast or plan. To create projects that will be stored on your computer. The only thing I would recommend is to go into hotkey settings and add more hotkeys will make your life easier. If you plan to try the software, there is a small curve to learn.

There are a few videos on YouTube that will launch and OBS is flexible. The help section on their site, the latest release of OBS studio has Windows 7 download installer. Once new Mac OS 10 point 10 and new as well for Linux users, you will need to refer to the building instructions. If you want it, your system images receive your software that will take your photos and respond to them. In art, I get results much better than those found online photo editors.

Picture Sketcher:

Let’s jump straight to the picture sketcher is very easy to use to choose from the blue folder. Then select your photo. If you like to zoom in on your photo you can use the extensions found in the top right corner. Select the paint icon, there are more than 20 different drawing styles to choose from. If you move your mouse over each style, you can scroll down to drawing effects and select figure 6.

Oil Drawing:

Oil drawing can change the power of effect. Once some settings I will just leave them where they are and select draw. Then just wait and finish and you will see in the right-hand window is built cool looking oil painting in the banner at the top. You have options to add text, undo or redo your changes and save. Just select floppy-disk images.


Capture is available in existing windows. A testable but useful version of Mac and Linux, users have managed to run it through the wine flux system which adjusts the color temperature of your display depending on your location and time of day. The blue light emanating from your evening screens can do. It is very difficult to sleep flux, reducing levels of blue light. It is impossible to show why color temperatures cannot be recorded as such you can change presets for 24 hours. You choose to reduce stress. If click on the Sun icon to display it.

24-Hour Preview:

24-hour preview is also available. Some settings you can also change can also be integrated with Philips. The hue illuminates most applications. Now have a built-in night mode but it is not I used them like good flux available for Windows Mac OS and Linux.

Atom is a free Source Text Editor:

The atom is a free-source and open-source text editor. For those of you who are like computer editors then thousands of open-source packages and themes that you can choose from. You can also adjust the user interface. When you introduce an atom, you will have several decisions including opening a project install package. Select the theme again once you have a project open. It has an easy-to-use shared structure.

Virtual Studio Code:

Some similarities to the footnote are as well a virtual studio code in which you can use an atom Windows Mac and Linux like many of you I know it is one of my favorite websites virus total which belongs to the Google site and includes many antivirus products as well online search engines. You can download a file from your PC to scan different types of malware.

You can check a Website URL to determine that the site is safe. The preferred method for me is using the virus total desktop app. When you open the program that will appear all usable files in your system, check one of the files. Select one then clicks on the usable upload. The process will show you the results in a complete viral site. Another way to test a file, right-click on it.

Then choose to send the virus number from the drop-down menu and this one looks great with an acquisition rate of 0 out of 68. If you may find files that are accessible don’t panic, it doesn’t matter means that for many bad files the scanning engines use well-known security companies known for sending false material.

The Windows Uploader is no longer maintained but it still works. Well for Mac os10 the uploader offers an additional option to drag and drop files to they have a scan request from a Linux uploader but dedicated here that Mac OS10 the loader can be merged distribution.

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