5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2021

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If you are looking for free software for your computer you have many options to distinguish good programs from bad. I will show you five free software for Windows Mac os and the best Linux.  This year’s terms are simple to modify and distribute for any purpose. Let’s launch our first free and open source.

Water Fox Web Browser:

Most browsers are now based on chromium including Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft edge and the bold water fox browser takes a different approach and is based on Firefox while Firefox sends telemetry data to its developer.  Mozilla water fox is not the only information.  It collects your operating system and browser version to check for updates you. Get full access to Firefox extensions with thousands of extensions and themes to choose from installing support to some of the legacy extensions that are no longer supported by Firefox.

Water fox And Firefox Similar Features:

After a quantum update a few years ago when you introduced water fox look like Firefox. With many similar features there is a search bar and a quick dial for quick access.

Default Search Engine:

Your favorite websites the default search engine is ready to change it. Open the menu at the top right and select options in the left window.  Go search and in the default search engine section give other options including Google, duckduckgo and quant.  Start page Wikipedia and Yandex.  Let’s go duck if you would like to add or manage extensions your or change themes. Open the menu again and select add-ons in the left-hand window. Here you can manage extensions and plug-in.

Black Fox Theme:

Already installed one of my favorite black fox themes.  I will now make it look better than the default water fox theme.

Additional features:

For additional features you can add go to recommendations and choose to get additional water fox.  Add-ons and includes a very useful Firefox screenshot tool to use on any webpage. Click the three-dot menu icon on the right of the address bar and choose to take a screenshot your options.  Save the full page, save the visuals or just click and drag. To select a region then you will have the option to copy it to your clipboard or download it to your computer or do you think.  The trash some players should not split too much because it simply works with a small bloat supports.  Many known formats and codec’s so ‘I’ll play almost anything you throw at it some features include the ability to switch subtitle support for playback speed and you can change the look of the player with skin themes and icons.

Auto Bookmark:

If you have used a media player before it took a rocket scientist to find a visual connector feature that I find very useful. Auto bookmark especially when watching TV or movie, here is an example of how it works.

If you have not finished playing your media and close the player you will remember where you left off. So that when you reopen the media it will continue playing from the former bookmarked. S-M player is only available in windows and the only Linux office.

Microsoft Word Excel:

Microsoft word excel and their PowerPoint compatibility. The Microsoft word excels is almost flawless but some of their PowerPoint still needs work so if compatibility is important to you I would only recommend using their names and succeed other ways. Beyond it’s time to open up to any of the three editors you will notice who usually looks at the ribbon at the top. Is what they call their other spreadsheet, is their excel method and at the PowerPoint they call their only office presentation and has an online version and business-oriented products. If you only want free and open desktop editors up here. Go to products and features. Then select desktop office only and click download now available windows Mac ox and Linux next. Bleach bit is the best open source cleaner you can get to free up disk space and make your system better while you can do it much of you. Personally have done yourself a favor and just run this program to save your time and headaches which may be a factor pack to help your computer work more efficiently and keep your privacy clear. Removes logs, deletes temporary files and clears the cache and internet history.

Wide Range of Application:

In addition to also cleaning up a wide range of applications including the Google chrome, Firefox, Skype, vlc media player and many more. Before using bleach bit or any other system cleaner is a good practice to make a backup copy of your system. You will notice when you open the program there are two windows when you click on any section in the left pane it will show you the description in the right window. What happens, if you select an item in that category do not check any option. If you do not fully understand what to do if you select OK to continue or select cancel to stop marking that option and I will cancel all of this in this example I will check out a few more sections. Let’s go with Firefox um you do not want to delete your saved passports words. Click cancel let’s go down. Here on Google chrome check that and I just got that password warning so I will cancel that exit down here.

A little at Microsoft edge the same warning about passwords. Click cancel when you are ready first select the preview here at the top. Left report indicating the number of files to be deleted and the disk space available to delete those files on the right preview. Click on Clear depending on what you choose. This may take some time to complete the bleach bit installation packages. Available for windows and Linux as well as special programs for Mac ox and email servers here is another visual code for other Microsoft code editor completely free. Personal and commercial use is built on open source under milt license with free source code on getup for public.

Addition of Language Correction:

Use explore and contribute features that include debugging support and intelligent coding and can be customized with the addition of language corrections and other tools to help improve your work you can also transform theme and keyboard shortcuts with a clear layout. The good thing is that if you work with thousands of lines of code you will enjoy the right preview window which allows you to quickly jump to different parts of your code.

Add Any Extensions:

To add any extensions to the top left window and select the extensions tab. You will see these and other recommended ones or just searches their market for what you are looking for. Let’s find it here ruby ​​if available click.

Install visual studio code is available in windows Linux and Mac free software. Let us know in the comments so we can check it out and if you have not already done so just sign up.

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