4 Free Software That Are Actually Great!

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Today we will look at four free software programs for your computer. Let’s face it much bad software out there. These programs I have shown you today that they are great, they have useful powers and they do not have viruses and malware are many more free software programs available considered a good thing.

Most of these programs shown today are available Windows Mac and Linux apps and they are not really in any specific order because they are inside different categories but we will list see down anyway just for fun.

Speccy Shows System Software and Hardware Specification:

Number four is speccy. Many operating systems come with it. System information tools exist little by little in the knowledge they have given. Speccy is a great tool that shows most of your system software and hardware specifications. This is coming in useful when troubleshooting your PC or when preparing to upgrade hardware on your computer Becky shows your system details in expandable categories.

As a motherboard for CPU, RAM and graphics, and a few other categories you can even detect real-time temperatures. On some of your computer platforms, you can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit. In the event, options save or export your system data as text or XML files can be useful if to get help diagnosing. Your computer problems at this time only Becky available for Windows operating systems offers a paid version. However, for multiple users, the free version will be everything you need.

VLC Media Player:

Number three is a VLC media player. VLC is an open-source video player and video player listening to the sound of your favorites the music and podcasts. They play almost any file type without the need for an installed codec pack. Some of you may remember frustration with dealing with the codex and not the son in everything. VLC is highly customized to suit your needs, requirements, you can also install a plug-in to change the appearance and function of VLC in go to the tools and selecting only the plug-in and extensions the limit.

I have found is that you do not play blue-ray movies, otherwise a good VLC media player available. Windows Mac OS and Linux are the same available for iOS and Android.

WPS Office Known As Kingsoft:

Number two is WPS. Closed Free WPS Office available formerly known as the Kingsoft office. An office suite that contains the best alternatives to Microsoft Word Excel. As well PowerPoint in fact WPS is compatible with those Microsoft office products also has the same look as that Microsoft says Different names look like. This each other is unique PowerPoint is among the most popular products in the world.

The suite has a standard ribbon top with very similar options. In Microsoft Office, I usually use Microsoft Office but a week later use WPS. I found that the difference is very little. You can even send texts in PDF. One small thing that is the ad is supported but ads are no longer available. Much of the distraction found there Windows Linux for Android and iOS unusually not available on good Mac OS instead of the WPS found in it. Mac OS is LibreOffice.


Number one, if you are a cheapskate like me and you look great free variant Photoshop is what you are? I want you to make many layers of modification of the mask and much more of it is my preferred image program creating and editing. To start a new project, select a file then select new and then wide and long of your project, and click OK. It may be difficult to apply it at first with many options but it becomes easier. You have been using it for a long time to save this video in short.

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