11 Tips and Tricks of Windows

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                                                        11 Tips and Tricks of Windows

The top 05 windows 11 tips and tricks with the release of Windows 11. A bunch of new features is available. Here are the top 05 including both tips and tricks to maximize your use of windows 11.

                                                              Video Capture Fix :

Video capture fix. Have you ever noticed that if you bring up a video on your browser and then you try to do a copy of that image whether you’re recording it or whether you’re doing just a snapshot it comes up blank?

For Example :

I have the snipping tool and when I hit new to copy this image and then I select an area I want to copy.

It comes up blank. There is a simple solution to fix this problem. Go up into the settings for your browser. Click on system and where it says use hardware acceleration. When available turn that off and restarts your browser. Now when we do a snipping tool copy it, lets us capture that image and it shows up in the copy. The same thing’s true when you’re recording full video, so if you have trouble recording those images make sure to change that setting,

                                                            Multiple Desktops :

Multiple desktops. Microsoft added multiple desktops to the taskbar in Windows 11. Here you can just click plus to add a new desktop and now each of these desktops can be independently used with the various apps that you install in each one. So let’s say we open up the file explorer and calculator on our second desktop. I can go back to my first desktop and let’s open up a browser.

Now when I click on these multiple desktop options I can see I have desktop 1 and desktop 2 and I can see the apps running in each. If you right-click on any one of these, you can choose to move it to a different desktop or a new one.

You can also right-click and rename these and you can right-click and choose a background for each one of those desktops. If you choose to close one of these desktops all it does is it moves those applications over to the previous desktop on the left. It doesn’t close all those apps and now you can see they’re all back on the desktop.

Number one another nice feature of the multiple desktops is if you’re using a tablet device where you have a touchpad. You can use four fingers to swipe across your touchpad to switch between your different desktops and there are shortcut keys. You can use your desktop to switch between them as well.

                                                         Set Default Location :

Set default location. Windows uses your default location for a variety of different apps so that it can target information based on that location.

For Example:

Weather, maps, and things like that feature are available in windows 10 but I wanted to show you for windows 11 because there are many more apps being added to windows that require this location information.

Come down here to the start menu. Right-click and select taskbar settings. Pick privacy and security from the list and scroll down here to the location. Click on that and you can see that location services are turned on or off. Make sure this is turned on.

If you want to provide apps, and your physical location here’s a list of all the apps that are using your location and you can set the default location manually right here. By clicking this button, now if you have a GPS-enabled device. It’s going to know that default location automatically but for a desktop pc, you may need to set this manually.

You can click change and choose a location from the map by zooming out and sliding over to any location that you want to set that default. To click set and that becomes your new default location. You can also click change and type in a location directly and choose it from the list.

Once that’s done close that window and now your default location is updated. Also, note that your location history is tracked and you can clear that information right here if you don’t want it to be stored.

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