10 Must Free and Useful Software for Windows

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Hey, guys today I have shown you the top 10 must-have free and useful software for windows. Today video editing software and new ideas it’s not all. When you start doing it videos and so on they want to make this process faster and it is very easy to do better too. Save time for your additional programs pc suitable for addition in editing software can help.

I collected you 10 free programs for windows that will surely be useful on any YouTube creator. Today look up to at the very end so you don’t miss out on too much use to you. To the next level of learning to do it very quickly and we use less time effectively and try additional software to a computer to install in addition to your video editing program.

It would be very helpful here for such programs. Change some time-saving methods make your life easier and give you something new opportunities. I have they get about 10 such programs you each of them run to the windows which is it means they are fit for the majority computers but the best part is all for free without wasting another minute. Let’s move on to the list of the first free windows program you will do.


It helps every active creator on YouTube is related to audio recording and processing is a popular hero. This is a small freeware program with let’s trust very old design, not an easy-to-use interface hides. Many more features you cannot do even find hard-working colleagues come in handy.

First and foremost for voice recording over videos too and editing the audio track. Again audacity doesn’t just mean cutting pauses remove the bad intentions you can do edit audio with precision, add normalization and do some basic processing quickly to get used to the expired interface connector system.

Writing Quick Notes:

Number two, the real handy on my list is the idea you have probably heard of this app is gaining popularity fast. It is a personal operating system. It is another form of notes Google documents surpass spreadsheets and functionality. All managers in the same mindset are often used to managing projects and teams initially and companies but good help wherever you need to plan a complicated process and do not forget anything in video production.

For example:

Vision is complicated. Though two and you will get your hand is useful for writing quick notes. Video and video directions ideas for your future videos then to find yourself quickly here you can also write video texts, attached to links and files. Come in and organize together with your team and you can also do checklists and arrange your shoots with a useful timeline and everything is free.

Krita System Similar To Microsoft Office:

Number three, we have a Krita system computer drawing. In other words, it is similar to Microsoft paint. However very powerful and handy with various useful tools with a certain talent and maybe even a photo tablet. Here you can create real art too, different images, and use them in the construction of your video channel or your sales.

The creator is paid store windows but something unusual reason you can download usable free files on the official website. Let’s continue editing the image applications.

Photoshop Analog Called Drawing:

Number four; is a type of only free Photoshop analog called drawing. This program is not the easiest option but for most things, you will need Photoshop by making a will. You can edit photos, use layers to add text and collage. Again all types of photomontage are not Photoshop clones, you will need to destroy time to learn to use it but there are many features in and free and complete the photo editor theme.

Vector Photo Editor:

I can’t help but vector Photo editor is a great free option. Windows is an inks cape system running smoothly known among designers and considered a good free expensive site professional graphic vector solutions.


Inscape is a famous building that is easy to use and has many features. Content creators have unlocked. YouTube can use this program to create vector illustrations intros transitions and colors and videos and the formation of the logo of the social media channel branding and sales continue.


Number six on my list is MPV is a very simple and easy-to-use media player with you are less likely to get into a situation where the video file was sent and your windows can’t open it. The program is easy to use again free.


Seven numbers 7zip, a small file compression program that you can manage multiple compressed formats for such files like zipping and rar said so lightweight and free and do not if you have annoying ads. It is best to post them 7zip right now. So you can press file or folder at any time in sequence email it for example or unzip file sent to you by the client or advertiser is very helpful.

Bit Warden:

The number eight must be small but very large a useful password-keeping application called bit warden. If you always create YouTube content you have many passwords and data from paid music subscriptions and recordings from personal and professional emails from the cloud storage from access to paid programs.

As a bit warden will help you hide and save3all all of these passwords are safe and not they have lost an open-source password manager free works on windows and has a smartphone app.

Mail Spring:

Number nine free email program the client is called mail spring. It might seem you don’t need an alternative An email program where you can just read emails in your browser but when you have several email addresses for example personal and several activities it can be easy to look at all in one system and modern email clients like spring are cool features that not everyone knows about mainspring.

An example can show how many recipients open your email and how many clicks on the link. This email can be very helpful there wants clients as video creators and advertisers for your channel and further discussions video editing.

HW Information:

Number 10 remains a challenge. Your computer often your ram video processing and use card most of their resources are programs which analyzes what presses your computer watch during video editing or to provide and what programs are working at their limits.

One such program is HW Information. HW does not only provide you with convenience to understand the report about your computer systems and hardware. Also, track your use of computer software.

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